I believe in being genuine and offering value to my readers and viewers.  As with any venture, this wouldn’t be possible without the almighty dollar, so I’ve set up this disclosure page to clear the air on what to expect.

Advertising is available in many shapes and forms from sidebar graphics to sponsored posts.  I will include links to affiliate sites when talking about a certain product I discuss in my articles.    I use Amazon as my main shopping platform simply because of its ease of use, wide range of products and fast Prime shipping.  I do have an Amazon affiliate account and please assume that all Amazon links are tied to that.  Purchases made will provide me with a small commission, but commissions come at no extra charge to you.

The majority of items that I review are ones that I’ve purchased for my own use and will then subsequently review.  There are some companies that send me items for review, however I still do my best to provide objective reviews on those products.

I love being able to make videos and write articles on items I love, but also understand that putting money in the bank allows me to keep doing so. 🙂