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Everest Base Camp Trek Preparation

  Mt. Everest I have been interested in Mt. Everest for a long as I can remember.  Its that mystical mountain on the other side of the world that everyone dreams of, or at least I always did.  I became even more interested in it after reading Into Thin Air, by Jon Krakauer back in 1997.  The book recounts the tragedy ... Read More »

Travel & Altitude Medications

Whether traveling to a foreign country for vacation or just going camping here in the US there are various scenarios you might encounter where you will benefit from being prepared with various medications.  Many of these medications are over the counter, but some will require a prescription from your doctor.  Most family doctors are likely to be pretty reasonable if ... Read More »

Hiking/Camping IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

Awhile back I made a video on my IFAK (Individual First Aid Kits) that I have in my GHB (Get Home Bag) and the other one that resides in my BOB (bug out bag).  Since I got interested in hiking I thought I might have slightly different needs for a hiking related IFAK so I set out ot make one that I ... Read More »

Get Home Bag

Since posing my Get Home Bag video I’ve had a lot of requests for a list of all of the contents of my Get Home Bag.  There isn’t really a good way to list them in the video so I put together an article here to provide an easier way to gather the list as opposed to watching the vid with paper and pencil as I ... Read More »