What’s in a name…  Snareman/Snareman95.  Back in 2006 I created my Youtube account so I could comment on other videos.  The name relates my time as a snare drummer, most significantly which involved 7 years marching drum & bugle corps.  The picture above is center 3 of our 9 member Bluecoats snare line (I’m in the middle of the picture).  Drum corps is an amazing experience traveling the country performing for thousands of people with the season culminating at finals which is in Indianapolis, IN for the next several years.  I  went on to tour with The Canadian Brass with Star of Indiana/Brass Theater and what is now Blast! performing at venues including Lincoln Center and Hollywood Bowl.  1995 was the year I aged out of drum corps.

Also back around 2006 I developed a love for travel, exploring new countries and new cultures.  It started with my first trip to Italy and since then has taken me to 37 states and over 20 countries on several continents.  With my interest in WWII, one of the highlights was visiting Iwo Jima, Tinian and Saipan.  I’ve had an interest in Nepal and Mt. Everest for a long time and will be making the trek up to Everest Base Camp next year.  It should be quite the experience!  In preparation for the big trek I’ve done some US hiking in the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park (see banner pic) and snowshoeing in Yellowstone.

Working in the ER I deal with life, death and everything in between, which includes a lot of less than totally sane upstanding folks.  Aside from hearing about them on the news, the ER has helped me realize the types of people that are floating around in society.  It led to my interest in shooting, self protection and all of the stuff I now carry in my pockets on a daily basis.